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Comic for Eme21mag magazine. Carmen Laforet, mucho más que Nada. On the occasion of the centenary of her birth, the exhibition “Próximo destino, Carmen Laforet” has been inaugurated…


New illustration for The Wall Street Journal. As Professional Conferences Went Virtual, More Women Attended. Women found it easier to participate when they didn’t have to travel or…

The Nation

Illustration for The Nation, Books and The Arts. Grand Ambitions. Hanya Yanagihara’s überfiction. By Tope Folarin. AD.: Robert Best

The New York Times

Illustration for The New York Times Book Review. Storms, Bombs, Contagions, Pandemics, and Pandemonium. In her new novel, “Vigil Harbor,” Julia Glass imagines a not-so-distant future when a…


Illustration for eme21mag. Trying to talk to Miss Beige, by Ignacio Vleming. Portrait of Miss Beige.

Illustration for Thegirlfriend.com What Is The Meaning Of Life? A talk with those who’ve had near-death experiences. By Suzanne Hayes. AD.: Dian Holton


New illustration for The Wall Street Journal. Learning About Ourselves From Genealogy For people who feel driven to explore their ancestry, compiling a family tree is often about…